Thursday, November 2, 2017



      Earlier today at the LLC Institute we had our luncheon at which Bill Callison presented the keynote address on the topic of efforts to develop, through the United Nations, a model business organizations code.  The aim of this project is to enhance capital formation and business activities in lower tiers (micro, small and medium businesses) of developing nations and regions, thereby facilitating entry into the formal economy.

       At the same luncheon, there was announced the efforts that are underway to create a new Committee award, this to be presented to persons who have contributed to the development of the our content.  Even as the efforts to create this award continue, its provisional name is the Professor Beth Miller Committee Content Award.  Even as we continue those efforts, the Professor Beth Miller Committee Content {Recognition} was presented to Beth Miller.  The efforts  and contributions Beth has made to our collective interests are too numerous to recite, a fact that justifies her receipt of this {Recognition}.  

      Otherwise, over the course of the day we have had four substantive programs. First, Beth Miller led a program reviewing case for developments other than from Delaware.  Then, under the guiding hand of Lou Conti, there was a detailed consideration of what the new tax law might do to tax planning and choice of entity.  After lunch a program organized by Walter Schwidetzky reviewed the substantial economic effect rules and as well layer-cake and targeted allocations.  As to that program, adopting a line I learned from Allan Donn, "I'm still confused, but at a higher level."  Last, Mohsen Manesh, Carmen Fonda and Joshua Fershee {all new faces to panels at the LLC Institute} discussed veil piercing, the (some of) the problems with USACafes, and drafting around that decision.

      Tonight we will present to Steve Frost the Martin I. Lubaroff Award.

      Thanks to CT Corporation and DLA Piper for their generous sponsorship of the LLC Institute.

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