Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sheldon Cooper’s LLC Mistake

Sheldon Cooper’s LLC Mistake

            For those not familiar with the Big Bang Theory, well, I cannot fully explain it.  Here is a link to the wikipedia entry for the show; HERE IS A LINK.  For these purposes, suffice it to know what Sheldon Cooper is a genius physics prodigy who notwithstanding a delightful lack of social skills is very well informed about a bewildering array of subjects, including the recurring vexillology.

            But apparently Sheldon does not know LLCs.  In the episode broadcast last week (HERE IS A LINK), Sheldon was drafting a partnership agreement between himself, Leonard and Howard addressing the division of the proceeds from a joint invention.  In response to some criticism from Howard regarding entering into the partnership, Sheldon responded:
Are you suggesting a limited liability corporation, because I did not LLC that coming.

            Ughhhh.   LLC limited liability corporation.  Rather, LLC = limited liability company.

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