Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Larry Ribstein - A Short Remembrance

As already noted, Larry Ribstein passed away this past Saturday.  The various blogs are replete with thoughts and remembrances of Larry.  He was a giant in the field.  Anyone who thinks they can be involved in the fields of unincorporated business entity law without relying upon his thoughts is simply delusional.  The effects of his various treatises, Bromberg and Ribstein on Partnership and Ribstein and Keatinge on LLCs, permeat the thinking on the fields.  The cases and even the statutes often incorporate the guidence there provided.  Larry's input as Reporter on the 1992 Prototype LLC Act further influenced the manner in which nearly all LLC statutes were constructed and the rules set forth therein.

Some found Larry to be abrupt or domineering and unwilling to consider views at odds with his own.  Even accepting that view, he was in my experience always willing to discuss any theory and we as well always supportive of those of us joining the field.  I took it as a special indication that I was doing (in at leat one instance) something right when Larry cited one of my articles in a piece he wrote.

Larry will be missed, and the shoes he so well filled will likely remain empty for a long time.


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