Tuesday, November 17, 2020

So Begins Gloriana

 So Begins Gloriana

       On this day in 1558 Mary Tudor, who would later have foisted upon her the moniker “Bloody,” died, leaving the English throne to her half-sister Elizabeth. Where Mary's reign of just over 5 years was one of tumult at the highest political levels, for at least a significant and perhaps a majority of the population it was a return to the preferred old ways, a view put forth expertly by Professor Scarisbrick in his The Reformation and the English People. Still, her marriage to Philip of Spain was never popular.  Elizabeth's reign would by contrast be seen as one of peace and growth, later dubbed the Gloriana.

       Elizabeth would rule until 1603.

       Today is as well the anniversary of the death of Reginald Cardinal Pole, who under Mary had been named Archbishop of Canterbury.  He was the last Catholic to hold that post.

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