Friday, July 20, 2018

More on the Unfinished Business Doctrine

More on the Unfinished Business Doctrine

            The Unfinished Business Doctrine is a topic upon which I have written previously, including Conflicting Views as to the Unfinished Business Doctrine, 46 Texas Journal of Business Law 1 (2015); HERE IS A LINK to that article.
            Most recently, I have returned to the topic in an article published in the July/Aug. 2018 Journal of Passthrough Entities; that article is titled:
Much Ado About Not That Much: RUPA 401(h) and the Unfinished Business Doctrine
This article particularly focuses upon the effect of Section 401(h) of the Revised Uniform Partnership Act and how its application militates certain of the objections that have been made to the Unfinished Business Doctrine.

HERE IS A LINK to the article. I hope you find it of interest.

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