Friday, June 29, 2018

The Charging Orders Practice Guide

The Charging Orders Practice Guide

            We are happy to report that we are on the cusp of completing the Charging Orders Practice Guide.  Largely written by Jay Adkisson, a nationally recognized expert on charging orders, with input from many members of our Committee, the manuscript has been edited and typeset by the Publications staff of the Section of Business Law.  It awaits only one final check, and then it will go to press.
            This book has been a great team effort, and many of you have devoted significant effort to it.  In that regard, Jim Wheaton needs to be recognized for his contribution to the discussion of charging orders in bankruptcy.  Special thanks go to Carter Bishop for allowing the book to include his tables comparing the various state acts and collecting, on a state by state basis, the cases discussing the law of charging orders.  Still, it must be recognized that Jay has undertaken the laboring oar on this project; it would be easier to identify what he did not write than it would be to identify what he did write.

            We are looking into making the book available at a reduced cost to those who attend the 2018 LLC Institute where (big surprise) there will be a program on charging orders that will be chaired by (another big surprise) Jay Adkisson.

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