Thursday, December 14, 2017

Joan Heminway

Joan Heminway

Joan Heminway, who I am fortunate to count as a friend, is a professor at the University of Tennessee School of Law. Joan is a force of nature. She regularly publishes on a blog, she regularly publishes articles and another commentary, she is a highly regarded lecturer in the classroom and speaks at essentially every significant conference around the country (or so it would seem heard from her Facebook feed).  Several times she has presented at the LLC Institute.  She is as well the co-author of a widely respected textbook used in business association classes.

I along with uncountable others have on numerous occasions been the beneficiary of her insights and direction. Recently her contributions as a mentor were recognized by the Association of American Law Schools with the Business Associations Outstanding Mentor Award. 

It is important to note that while this award recognizes Joan’s mentoring of other legal scholars, she is as well an outstanding mentor of law students.  As observed by mutual friend Nelson Irvine:

I just witnessed Joan mentoring one of her students a couple of weeks ago, when she engaged me in a short series of emails exchanged with one of her students regarding an issue of corporate law in Tennessee.  I am sure we all have witnessed such occasions. This recognition is most appropriate and a timely expression of appreciation for her remarkable contributions to scholarship and to the study and teaching of the law at its best.   She is indeed an outstanding mentor.

            HERE IS A LINK to the Law School’s press release on this award.

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