Monday, July 15, 2013

Articles on Legal Ethics

Articles on Legal Ethics

Last fall, both my law partner A.J. Singleton and I were invited to participate in the Symposium on Legal Ethics for the Transactional Lawyer sponsored by The Northern Kentucky Law Review.  The issue of the law review containing the articles there presented has now been released, and we have posted them.  The articles are:
·                     Shannon “A.J.” Singleton, Should Borders Matter to the Transactional Lawyer?, 40 Northern Ky. Law Review 295 (2013); and
·                     Thomas E. Rutledge, When Your Client is an Organization – Some of the Problems Not Resolved by Rule 1.13, 40 Northern Ky. Law Review 357 (2013).

      AJ’s article can be accessed thru this link Should Borders Matter to a Transactional Lawyer?, and my article is available at this link  When Your Client is an Organization.

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