Friday, April 26, 2013

The Pazzi Conspiracy

The Pazzi Conspiracy
      For those of you who enjoyed the movie “Hannibal,” aspects of the first half are built around the contest between Hannibal Lector and an Italian detective surnamed Pazzi.  Hannibal Lector identified the detective as a descendant of the Florentine Pazzi family that had been involved in a plot against the de’ Medici family, then rulers of Florence.  One of the Pazzi conspirators was hanged from the side of a palazzo; that same fate that would befall Inspector Pazzi at Lector’s hands.
      Today is the anniversary of the attack upon the de’ Medicis in 1478.
      The drawing of the hanged Pazzi shown in the movie as part of the slide show is a drawing by Leonardo DaVinci.  The Pazzi was not, however, disemboweled.
      For those who may be watching the Showtime “Borgias” show, the Pazzi conspiracy is less than a generation before the events being recounted of the papacy of Alexander VI; he was elected Pope in August, 1492.

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